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Kelly Ripa Topless And Naked

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Kelly Ripa’s got a nice, wholesome reputation, being the host of one of those perky morning shows, as well as playing a suffering heroine on “All My Children“, and even having had a nice, family-friendly sitcom with Faith Ford in “Hope and Faith”.  So what is she doing in these pictures flashing her titties and pussy?  She’s even totally naked in one of those images, and spreading her slit wide open so that everyone can have a nice, good view of her pink hole.

Well, these pictures may leave her usual audience scratching there head, but all it shows us is that she’s as sexual as we really thought she was.  She’s got a hot body, so why shouldn’t she be proud of it and show it off?  Sure, the pussy spreading may be a bit extreme, but you can’t blame a babe like her for getting horny when she knows that she’s being admired by tons of horny men, including her soap opera-hunk of a husband.  I don’t know if Mark Consuelos approves of all this baring of flesh (he probably doesn’t), but he’s got to admit she’s smokin’ hot when she’s like this!

Well, he does bang her a lot, I bet, so it’s obvious he thinks she’s hot too.  If you want to see that kind of hardcore action, then you ought to click on this link, because they’ve got all the uncensored Kelly Ripa erotic fantasies you can take!