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Kelly Ripa Indulges In Bondage Now And Then

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

And even tough you may expect Kelly Ripa to love sex, just like every hot blonde out there really does, whether out in the open, or in secret, maybe you wouldn’t have expected her to be into bondage.  But it does kind of make sense if you think about it.  Think about the pressure of hosting a live morning show everyday, and the need to be bright, sunny and perky day in and day out.  She’s also got to make sure not offend any of the guests, or do something controversial, like what happened between her and Clay Aiken in 2006, where he shushed her by putting his hand over her mouth and she reacted negatively.  That got her an accusation from fat bitch Rosie O’Donnell that she was homophobic!

So the gal’s got to have some way to unwind, right?  And what better way to let off some steam than sexually dominating a person through some light S&M sessions?  Or she can even be the submissive one in the erotic bondage roleplay and just let go of all her cares as she lets her master take complete control of her body.  Either way is a good way to get rid of stress, and that’s probably what she’s doing in these pictures.  Plus, she looks sizzling hot in leather bondage gear, whether it’s got chains or collars or cuffs!  So we say, give her a break and let her have her fun.  And why not have some fun too by checking out her naughty pics or watching her in raunchy action?  Just check out his link to do just that!