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Kelly Ripa naked fucking a cock

Friday, April 30th, 2010

These boots are made for fucking.

Kelly Ripa is one hot motherfucker, no doubt about it. But when she takes the hotness to another level, like wearing knee-high stripper boots..and only that in bed, it makes it hard for me to do things that doesn’t involve jacking off my cock with that image in my head. Can you blame me? The Kelly Rippa naked pics are what made my day! In these shots, you can see Kelly Ripa naked fucking a thick cock. You can see she’s enjoying that cock stuffed in her tight succulent pussy.

Isn’t it endearing to see a sexy vixen use her ‘talent’ to good use? And by talent, I meant these hot pics where Kelly Ripa exposing her sweet round tits and tight pussy for the whole world to see. Luckily enough, these are just a taste of the dirty MILF in fucking action. The rest of Kelly Ripa hardcore pics are over here for your own viewing pleasure.