Kelly Ripa Nude

Kelly Ripa is as wholesome and All-American as a blonde bombshell can get.  She’s happily married with two children, and her husband in real life even plays her husband in the soap opera she stars in!  How fairy-tale romance can you get?  Their on-screen relationship even got a the 1997 Soap Opera Award for Hottest Romance, though they might as well have gotten one for their real-life romance.  So I guess you can say that Kelly Ripa’s been leading quite a charmed life, and that’s just when it comes to her love life.

Her career’s been going great guns too, starting with landing that soap opera gig on “All My Children”, where her character of Hayley Vaughan has proven to be popular among the daytime TV watchers.  She’s even garnered five Soap Opera Awards for her portrayal of this character throughout the years.  And her success hasn’t stopped there.  She wouldn’t be as ubiquitous a public figure if she had just stuck with soap operas.

No, it was her signing on as co-host for the long-running morning talk show with Regis Philbin that really put her on the mainstream map.  After Kathy Lee Gifford left “Live! With Regis And Kathy Lee”, it was Kelly Ripa who replaced her and it became “Live! With Regis and Kelly“.    Being on that show really upped her stature and expanded her audience, which is why we’re all here, fantasizing about Kelly Ripa nude.

If she had stuck with “All My Children“, do you think she would have had such a large male fanbase as she does now?  Of course not!  Who watches soap operas aside from middle-age housewives?  Now that we’re aware of her, it’s easy to see why she’s so likable, but it’s also easy to see that she’s a hottie, despite the vanilla-flavored mainstreamness of her career.  We’re still looking for more dirt on this babe, though.  A feisty firecracker like her has got to have some naughty escapades in her past, or even her present.  After all her exposure to Hollywood these days, you never know if she’s finally decided to do something sexual and exciting!

So check out Kelly Ripa Nude regularly, because I’m betting our dirty fantasies about her will be brought to life in those pages!