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April 30th, 2010 by Kel

These boots are made for fucking.

Kelly Ripa is one hot motherfucker, no doubt about it. But when she takes the hotness to another level, like wearing knee-high stripper boots..and only that in bed, it makes it hard for me to do things that doesn’t involve jacking off my cock with that image in my head. Can you blame me? The Kelly Rippa naked pics are what made my day! In these shots, you can see Kelly Ripa naked fucking a thick cock. You can see she’s enjoying that cock stuffed in her tight succulent pussy.

Isn’t it endearing to see a sexy vixen use her ‘talent’ to good use? And by talent, I meant these hot pics where Kelly Ripa exposing her sweet round tits and tight pussy for the whole world to see. Luckily enough, these are just a taste of the dirty MILF in fucking action. The rest of Kelly Ripa hardcore pics are over here for your own viewing pleasure.

Kelly Ripa Uses Her Talented Mouth On Some Cock

August 13th, 2008 by Kel

Kelly Ripa uses her mouth for a living.  Sure, she probably got the gig because she’s attractive and sexy, but she’s pretty smart too, and it’s that intelligence that she puts to use when she flaps her gums on “Live! With Regis and Kelly”.  That mouth is put to even better use when she gets home, though, because whoever’s there waiting for her gets a nice, succulent blowjob, courtesy of our soap opera and talk show queen.  Does that mean Mark Consuelos gets some great oral sex everyday?  Well, whoever’s in these pictures with her sure does, though I’m not sure if those are Mark’s legs in those images.  Well, whoever they are, I’m sure they’re experiencing one great blowjob, because this woman sure knows how to use that mouth of hers!

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Kelly Ripa Dildo Action

August 13th, 2008 by Kel

There’s another sexual way that Kelly Ripa likes to unwind, and she’s caught in action right here.  It’s a fast and simple solution that every woman out there knows about, and that’s masturbation!  But while Kelly does like using her fingers for the job when the mood strikes her, a better way to do it would be using one of those big dildos she just acquired recently, we heard.  She sure looks extremely satisfied in these pics!  Getting naked and sliding that big, hard toy up her wet poontang is something she really enjoys, just like every other gal does.  I guess the hubby must have been out of town during these times, though, because otherwise he’d probably be the one boning her instead of those dildos!

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Kelly Ripa Indulges In Bondage Now And Then

August 13th, 2008 by Kel

And even tough you may expect Kelly Ripa to love sex, just like every hot blonde out there really does, whether out in the open, or in secret, maybe you wouldn’t have expected her to be into bondage.  But it does kind of make sense if you think about it.  Think about the pressure of hosting a live morning show everyday, and the need to be bright, sunny and perky day in and day out.  She’s also got to make sure not offend any of the guests, or do something controversial, like what happened between her and Clay Aiken in 2006, where he shushed her by putting his hand over her mouth and she reacted negatively.  That got her an accusation from fat bitch Rosie O’Donnell that she was homophobic!

So the gal’s got to have some way to unwind, right?  And what better way to let off some steam than sexually dominating a person through some light S&M sessions?  Or she can even be the submissive one in the erotic bondage roleplay and just let go of all her cares as she lets her master take complete control of her body.  Either way is a good way to get rid of stress, and that’s probably what she’s doing in these pictures.  Plus, she looks sizzling hot in leather bondage gear, whether it’s got chains or collars or cuffs!  So we say, give her a break and let her have her fun.  And why not have some fun too by checking out her naughty pics or watching her in raunchy action?  Just check out his link to do just that!

Kelly Ripa Topless And Naked

August 13th, 2008 by Kel

Kelly Ripa’s got a nice, wholesome reputation, being the host of one of those perky morning shows, as well as playing a suffering heroine on “All My Children“, and even having had a nice, family-friendly sitcom with Faith Ford in “Hope and Faith”.  So what is she doing in these pictures flashing her titties and pussy?  She’s even totally naked in one of those images, and spreading her slit wide open so that everyone can have a nice, good view of her pink hole.

Well, these pictures may leave her usual audience scratching there head, but all it shows us is that she’s as sexual as we really thought she was.  She’s got a hot body, so why shouldn’t she be proud of it and show it off?  Sure, the pussy spreading may be a bit extreme, but you can’t blame a babe like her for getting horny when she knows that she’s being admired by tons of horny men, including her soap opera-hunk of a husband.  I don’t know if Mark Consuelos approves of all this baring of flesh (he probably doesn’t), but he’s got to admit she’s smokin’ hot when she’s like this!

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